You, my beautiful chord

Ella disfruta danzando sus delicadas manos por las teclas en blanco y negro que se encuentran pinzando las cuerdas.

"Now, I can see in your eyes all that I have in my side, Your music is in me, in my soul. you, my beautiful, beautiful chord. "

War all time

Seguiré llorando el resto de la eternidad
porque peleo en una batalla que no tiene final.
La guerra continua todo el tiempo,
quiero que bajen las armas,
quiero que todo termine sin heridos.
El rio de lágrimas se lleve la tristeza y
las ganas de pelear, porque ya
no aguanto más luchar en la batalla sin final.
I'm going to lose my smiles
but she will save it.

She's away from me,
she is miles apart.

When I have a problem,
she has the solution.

I feel that is here,
laughing with me
but she's in her house
tell me why can be here.

I need to explain
what happened and that
she recommend to me
better words, better things.

She is my mind,
she can read it.
She know what is
good or wrong,
she is so important in my life,
I would not survive
If my friend would isn't in my life.
Just thinking back to where we started
and how we lost all that we are.

We were young and times were easy,
but i could see its not the same.
We're standing here but you dont see me.

I'd give it all for that to change,
I dont want to loose her
I dont wanna let her go.

"Before the storm"

Cambios repentinos de la vida, cambios de aires, cambio de estilo.

Spread the words again

My life will change, whatever of the things that are in.

I just wanna believe with a better life.


On that cold night of Thursday,
when we were in the road.
You in your car,
me in my motorcycle.
The driver was driving so fast.
We should've been in another place
and now nobody would have tears on the face.

Behind of the door

I leave everything
behind this door.
Never i'll open it,
I don't wanna surrender
but I leave this way.
I put everything,
without limits,
thinking about it.